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Delivery / Collection

Trophy Delivery / Collection

Once your hunting experience has come to an end, the Outfitter or Professional Hunter appointed by you will deliver your trophies to our premises in East London. Karl Human Taxidermy offers a collection service for the collection of trophies from around South Africa. Please do not hesitate to book for a collection service.


Should you wish to make use of Karl Human Taxidermy’s services for a trophy hunted outside our borders, please advise your outfitter or PH of this decision, kindly inform us of your Safari so that we can expect to receive your trophies.

We will make the required arrangements with our importer in Johannesburg and with your outfitter’s exporter in the country you hunted, to ship your trophies to us in South Africa. After the relevant export permits have been arranged by your PH, outfitter and exporter, the copies of these permit must be sent to us in order for us to apply for import permits to South Africa.

Once all permits have been issued, the trophies will be shipped to us.


Upon receipt of your trophies, it is booked inn, the clients instructions are recorded and a quotation issued to the client.

For more information about mounting options, please see options explained below.

Once you have received the quotation, confirm that the trophy instructions are correct and that the relevant trophies are booked into our system, we need official confirmation of the order to commence with production. Trophy’s will go into the process once an order is confirmed and the deposit is paid.


Our turn around time is 12 months. More intricate studio work, big group orders may take a bit longer. Once the trophies are completed and all the quality checks have been approved, we will send our clients a picture of their finished work of art for final approval. Upon receipt of final payment, the trophy mounts will be crated and shipped off to your chosen destination.


custom made wooden crate

Your mounted hunting trophies will be packed in a custom made wooden crate.

wrapped & secured

The trophies will be wrapped and secured to the walls of the crate by means drywall screws.


Karl Human Taxidermy will handle all applications of export documentation required on your behalf.  Permits are applied for in good time before shipping to avoid any unnecessary delays. Processing of applications for export permit can only be done once all relevant hunting documentation and permits required has been received from the Hunting Outfitter. Please note CITES Export Permits are only valid for 6 months and have to be valid when the trophies arrive at the final destination. Non-CITES Export Permits are normally valid for between 6 and 12 months, depending on the province you hunted in.


All CITES I animals will need to have a CITES Import permit in place before we can apply for a CITES Export Permit. This also applies to Bontebok as well as certain Elephant curios if shipped to the United States. A copy of the CITES Import Permit should be e-mailed to taxidermysa@gmail.com as soon as possible. Although you may apply for your own CITES Import Permits, it is advisable to contact your customs clearing agent to assist you in this regard. Please note CITES Import Permits are only valid for 12 months and have to be valid when the trophies arrive at the final destination.


Veterinary inspections are done on site by our local State Veterinarian affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture. After inspection a Health Certificate is issued by the Ministry. This certificate forms part of the Export Documentation.


Karl Human Taxidermy will arrange all your shipping requirements. We have longstanding relationships with all the major shipping companies and clearing agents that specialise in the transportation, distribution and clearing of hunting trophies internationally.

The system works as follows: the shipping company collects the trophies from Karl Human Taxidermy. They take them through customs in South Africa, book them on an air or sea liner to the client’s closest Port of Entry and they make sure the trophies get to the relevant port of entry. The clearing agent will now take over at the Port of Entry and receive the trophies, take them though the relevant authorities (normally the following government departments get involved: customs, conservation, and agriculture) and arrange, if required, for the delivery of the trophies to your final destination.

Please feel free to contact us to verify your closest Port of Entry and if ocean freight is a viable option to ship your trophies. Karl Human taxidermy will provide you with shipment quotes for the client to indicate which company he would like to ship with.


Karl Human taxidermy has longstanding relationships with dedicated customs clearing agents world wide, specialising in the clearing of hunting trophies, to assist you to clear your hunting trophies in your home country. If you prefer to consign your hunting trophies to your own clearing agent with whom you have a working relationship, please feel free to advise us accordingly.

If not specifically included in your shipping quote, clearing fees and delivery charges are payable directly to the clearing agent.